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Thread: Any thoughts on an BB app for the iPad?

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    dulac90 Guest

    Default Any thoughts on an BB app for the iPad?

    I am a long time user (and lover) of BB on my desktop and tablet. I was recently issued an iPad to use with a new addition to our company's software lineup and have been verry impressed with the performance of the device as a supplement to my other machines. It is lightweight, compact, and quick.

    Are there any discussions on developing a "Revu Lite" app for users like me?


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    michael.pearson Guest


    I wanna iPad / iPhone Bluebeam app too!! The current pdf viewing apps are &^%#.
    Please can we have an iPhone app of Bluebeam.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. We have some other threads on users wanting iPad support here as well.

    We currently do not have a native iPad application. However, we understand the demand for it and are currently looking into it.

    There are some limitations to working within the PDF libraries included in the iPad API, which is what a few iOS PDF viewers may currently be using. This explains why users report that their iPads do not see all expected annotations, or experience compatibility issues when their PDFs are sent to PC-based users.

    Further, since Revu is Microsoft .NET Framework-based, having the program operate in a iOS-based environment is another challenge Development will have to tackle. So the only way to give user's even simple, but completely transparent and consistent behavior is to rebuild the program from the ground up. For those that are waiting, we do thank you for your patience as this is not a simple task.

    If there are some of you that have not yet purchased an iPad but are looking for similar capabilities and convenience, there are many Windows 7-based alternatives such as this one that may also suit your needs.
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    nwoods Guest


    Bluebeam launched "Vu for iPad" today, along with the new Version 10 release of Revue for PC.

    Vu is a reader only, but a more robust iPad app is coming.....
    (as stated at the very end of today's podcast)

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    Destiny Guest



    It amazes me why this question has to be asked... Surely it is an obvious need... So many other software app developers have facilitated and embraced the needs of Android users for years without this question being asked....