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Thread: Combining out of Sequence pdfs...

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    wizeguy Guest

    Default Combining out of Sequence pdfs...

    I'm combining pdfs from AutoCAD and Revit. These will be placed into a folder as individual pds. We currently have 96 of these, and will be creating a combined pdf several times (thru out the life of the project). Now the catch. Say we have pdfs named A B C D E F G.

    Each time we combined them we need to rearrange the sort order. We need them in a sequence B A C G E D F (I wish I was better at scrabble or I could do some funny word here, anyhow...).

    So two thoughts. I wish there was a way to build the order within stapler, then save that import order.

    Two perhaps there is a way I could pass along a command line to stapler? I could build the script once then run it several times?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi wizeguy,

    If I understand you correctly, you are using the same sequence of files in each combination, and these files have the same "name.pdf."

    What you can try is to organize the files in a way that you want and save the Stapler Job. This is basically an XML file that stores your settings and the Name/Order of PDF files. These all reference back to the source folder where you initially pulled the files from.

    It's possible that if you simply replace the previous files with new ones using the same name, it will compile a new document for you. Just be careful about accidentally overwriting important files.

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    wizeguy Guest


    Brian I think that will work great. I never noticed the ok button in the Stapler dialog box. I'm so use to just hitting the "create file" button instead. Thanks for the pointers. I figured it would have to be in there somewhere.

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    Duane Guest


    To add to Brian's suggestion: if you store your files in Studio Projects (or other medium with version control) then you don't have to worry about accidentally overwriting previous documents. As long as the file names are kept the same you will just make a new version.