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Thread: Is there a list of updates for Q 4.5?

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    Default Is there a list of updates for Q 4.5?

    Where there any other notable changes to Q 4.5, other than adding PDF/A-1b support?

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    Hey Gordon,

    Here's a list of new features for Q 4.5

    Version 4.5

    PDF/A Support
    Q now supports creating PDF/A -1b compliant files through the Watched Folders interface, the Net PDF printer, the Script Engine (through both stand-alone and Watched Folder scripts), and in the API.

    AutoCAD 2012, SolidWorks 2011
    Q now supports the latest versions of AutoCAD (2012), and SolidWorks (2011).

    Location and Size Support in API and Scripting
    MarkupGet and MarkupSet commands in scripting and the API now allow accessing and changing the location and size of a markup.