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Thread: Hyperlinks to PDF Files in Excel Opening with Adobe

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    Default Hyperlinks to PDF Files in Excel Opening with Adobe

    I have a large excel index file, with a hyperlink to several thousand drawing files. The files are all pdf's, and when I click the link, they open in Adobe Reader only. I have Bluebeam set as my default program for opening pdf's. The only workaround I've been able to find is to uninstall Adobe Reader, so there is no choice but to open the files in bluebeam. I've had problems with a few files not being viewed properly in Bluebeam, so I would like to maintain Reader on my computer. Any ideas of how to get excel to use my default program when opening these links? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I had this same problem. My IT guy found a work around which i haven't tested. He went to Windows Explorer and right clicked the file and then selected Open With and picked Bluebeam from the list. There was another prompt to "always" use that application. The reason I haven't tested it is I don't want to do this for each file. Don't know if you can it for multiples files.