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Thread: Query regarding Q conversion

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    Default Query regarding Q conversion

    I am facing some issues as the API seems to look for the file on the server and also places the converted file on the server again. To overcome this, I am following the approach listed below.

    1. When the user selects the files which are to be merged into a PDF, I copy them on the server.
    2. Then trigger the PDF conversion using the server-files-paths
    3. The converted/merged PDFs are on the server now.
    4. I then copy the files from the server back into the users local machine.

    Can you please help confirm if this is only way to achieve this or there are some other optimized way of achieving this.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Hi sangita,

    I would also like to discuss this query further as well. Is there a time this week when we could give you a call to assist? Click on my name in this post to send me a private message with your contact information and a time that works for you (we're based in California).