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Thread: As built erection drawings

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    Shawn Guest

    Default As built erection drawings

    Hello, I am fairly new user and thought I would share how I use Bluebeam on an everyday basis.

    I work for a steel fabricator and constantly writing information down on my hard copies, and then later find myself trying to search out information (RFI's, Field Issues, Change Orders, etc...).

    I have found that keeping this all on a digital set far easier to manage, maintain, and Search! I can type any RFI # that I have written, and BlueBeam instantly finds where this RFI occurs. The results are instant, and I am not searching through my hard copies for 15-20 minutes until I find it. I do the same for change orders and any other information that I may need to be able to search later.

    All of my erection drawings are bookmarked, as well as sub (child) bookmarks for any other pertinent information. This is useful if I don't actually want to make a comment on the drawing, but want to bookmark a specific section/view.

    All RFI's have been hyperlinked to my companies server. So that when I do find that RFI I am looking for, I click my markup and the RFI instantly opens in a separate tab within BlueBeam.

    During Meetings with our customer I am able to instantly assist in determining where the issue occured, what happened, and who is at fault. While I have all my information on my screen, I often find other's fumbling through paperwork.

    Also - A few other things I have done include - using the combining tools in everyday work. This keeps me from printing copies and then scanning them. I don't have to walk to the printer everyday just to get all my documents into a single pdf.

    I also have created 3D steel loadlists for my company using Tekla Structures in combination with BlueBeam.

    These are just a few examples. I find Bluebeam a must for anyone working in the construction industry.

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    stevejackson Guest


    you are making great use of it..i have started using it hoping to get some good tips

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    Scott Guest

    Default As constructed plans


    Our organisation hope to purchase Bluebeam in the near future for both iPad and desktop versions.

    We intend to use it to markup hydraulic design plans:
    1. to approve plans with in house made stamp.
    2. make comment on said plans and save to server
    3. download to iPad for review and markup for as constructed records of plumbing and drainage systems.
    4. to stamp verification of as constructed plans at the end of the project.