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Thread: Tool Set Exchange

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    mquillen Guest

    Default simple telecom symbols

    here are some simple telecom symbols that i use for standard drops, wireless, and TV.
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    dperez Guest


    Here's a set of architectural scales that I created using Revu.
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    bekglm1 Guest


    Does anybody have an AV tool set with wall speakers, ceiling speakers, monitors, flat screens, projectors, podiums, amplifiers, media players, and other AV system icons?

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    kwilson Guest

    Cool Residential Tool Chest - I Want to Steal Your Work, You Can Steal Mine Too

    I need good tool chest for a residential General Contractor for homes, condo towers and apartments ....

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    bennette Guest

    Default Demolition Takeoff Toolchest / Custom Column?

    Hello there, I am new to my firm, project management, and Bluebeam all at the same time! I have come up with a set of columns to do a vast array of walls (using a user selected perimeter, stud type, track type, rock type etc...). I was wondering if anyone had a toolset to do a demolition take off that I might be able to play with? I am playing around with different things but seem to be hitting a wall with this particular area. Any help would be appreciated as I am the youngest member of the team and and have a lot to prove. I have therefor taken to Bluebeam to see the abilities that can be exploited. Thank You in advance!

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    j.birckhead Guest


    This is a great toolset! I am trying to put together some site planning tools for my company (Earthwork and roadwork). Wondering if there are any hints for creating toolsets? Is there a place where I can get some good clipart and create scalable tools out of it? Does anyone have anything for traffic control? Different signs, cones, barrels, barriers, traffic officers, warning vehicles/signs?

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    Viper Guest


    Hi guys,
    I am new to bluebeam, as part of a job that I am working on atm I am trying to draw ductwork on an existing plan and send to the client.
    I have come across the generic toolset that bluebeam offers for ductwork but that I am afraid is not suitable as it only shows symbols which are not applibable to what I need. So just wondering if anybody has a library of toolset for ductwork, fire damper, duct fitting, in line fans, etc. and can share with me. Appreciate you help.

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