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Thread: Tool Set Exchange

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    Bzavada Guest


    I am not sure why they are coming down as a PHP file for you! We will investigate. In the meantime, which tool sets were you looking to download. I can send them to you directly.

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    nliston Guest


    I also have the issue with these tool sets downloading as PHP files. Could someone send me all the downloads in this thread in the correct format?

    Thank you!

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    Hey All,

    I did a little more research on this, and it seems to be related to Internet Explorer 11 compatibility settings. There's a few things you can do to address it.

    • Use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
    • Download the attachment.php and then rename it to the correct file and extension name.
    • Change your compatibility view settings in IE.

    Since the first two might not be the most flexible options, changing your compatibility view settings in IE is very simple.

    Go to Tools>Compatibility View Settings.

    Add to the list.

    Click "Close" and you are done!
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    carnahanad Guest

    Default Structural Welding tool set

    Attachment 413Hey guys,

    I'm a structural engineer and I have a welding tool set that is different than what bluebeam currently offers. It has the weld body with weld size and length text boxes. You can also Alt click the arrow head to move it where you need it.
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    mthead55 Guest

    Default Saving tool sets

    Just click on the file it will take you to a new tab, then just save to the directory of your choice.

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    TBS1 Guest


    I'm new using BlueBeam I downloaded your duct tools file but can't seem to make it work correctly. I select a starting point then an ending point unless I complete a polygon it will stay on the drawing. can you help?

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    yhanif Guest



    I'd recommend double-clicking once you get to the place where you'd like the end-point to be?

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    TBS1 Guest


    Thanks that worked
    can you tell me how to modify the electrical tool set 3/4" conduit so they calculate in feet instead of inches ?

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    Wroebuck34 Guest


    I too was working on weld symbols. I have created this set out of groups. Text is there for both sides size & length even though not filled out. If you only need a single side weld, ungroup and delete the top group. Give it a whirl!
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    mgrayson Guest

    Default How do I upload the toolsets to by Revu?

    Hi Britney - I can't seem to upload your tool sets to my blue beam. I have saved them to a folder and tried to import them but it doesn't seem to be recognizing a .btx file as a toolset file???

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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