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    Bzavada Guest

    Default Profile Exchange

    Want to show everyone what your Revu looks like? How it is perfect for your workflow? Reply to this thread and attach your profile (.bpx) to share the unique interface you created.

    To attach a file follow the below steps:

    1. Select the 'Go Advanced' option.
    2. Select the paper clip icon for Attachments (next to the smileys).
    3. A separate dialog box will appear. Select the green '+' icon or 'Upload' button.
    4. Choose your .bpx file and select Upload.
    5. Check the box next to the .bpx file and select 'Reply Inline'.
    6. Select 'Done'.

    Please provide a description of your Profile or what you use it for. If you have a request for a type of Profile you would like, please feel free to post here. Someone in the community could have exactly what you are looking for.


    Britney Zavada
    Bluebeam Software

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    Ojaji@bluebeam Guest

    Default A New Simple Profile

    Here is a new profile with a simple layout to help in learning what Revu is all about. It contains a nice overview of the tool chest, and provides a simpler interface. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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    Luke Prescott Guest


    Hey Everyone!

    I'm an account manager here at Bluebeam and thought it would be nice to share an Oil & Gas/Process Engineering Profile. This profile is loaded with Tool Sets with common symbology. Feel free to modify as you see fit.


    - Luke

    Oil&Gas - Symbols.bpx

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    Luke Prescott Guest


    ...and here's another Profile. This Profile has Tool Sets which can be used for common refinery and plant maintenance workflows.


    - Luke

    Oil&Gas - Workflow.bpx

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    nwoods Guest

    Default Construction Profile - Mildly Tweaked with View Controls

    I mildly tweaked the default Construction profile with a few things that I find essential for those annotating large format drawings:
    1. Added Fit Page Width, Fit Page, and Full Size (100%) view control buttons to bottom of screen. Makes toggling in/out of various zoom levels super fast and easy.

    2. Added the ARC tool to the markup pallet. When you hold down the Control button when clicking Arc tool, it becomes extremely useful because you can pick the start, end, and radius point of the arc.

    3. Turned on search tool in the top right pallet

    4. Turned on Layers in the top left pallet.

    Items 2 through 4 are no big deal, but Item 1 is a life saver.
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    rwebster Guest


    I find this one useful for estimating mechanical services
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    dperez Guest


    I work for a Public Works agency in the vertical construction field. Our project managers live in a multidisciplinary world, so I created a profile, built off the bundled Advanced Profile that organizes the user interface more sensibly. One of my frustrations with the Revu UI is that many tools are sprinkled all over the place, seemingly without much reason or order. This profile tries to make sense of the UI with some structure.

    My Project Management Profile has the following characteristics:
    1. The left panel is geared primarily for document navigation and includes: File Access, Bookmarks , Thumbnails, Sets, and Layers.
    2. The right panel is geared more around tools, and includes: Search Tool, Measurements, the Tool Chest, Spaces, Studio and Links.
    3. The top toolbar is better organized with one row of tools that include: cut, copy, paste, deskew, crop and other often used tools on the left side, followed by text editing tools in center, and markup related editing tools that are positioned above the right panel where most of the markup tools are positioned.
    4. The toolchest has all of the tools shared by users in the Tool Set Exchange, and are all organized (and in some cases condensed), by discipline.
    5. I've also included the custom line styles created and shared by user ionicman .

    Project Management Profile