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Thread: Selecting text for copy-pasting

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    JohnG Guest

    Default Selecting text for copy-pasting

    Hi, I have an OCR'd pdf of a telephone billing, which I have opened in Revu, and want to copy-paste text from particular columns into a Word document

    I can see how to copy-paste text horizontally (as if copying paragraphs) but I want to copy-paste text vertically, excluding columns on either side

    I cannot see how to do that, and need some guidance. Thanks

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    Bzavada Guest


    Hi JohnG,

    Good question. In a PDF, there is not a table structure where Revu would know what rows and columns are, where margins lay etc. What it sees are strings of text running left to right. That is why when you go to highlight a column, you are getting every other column with it. I understand this is not ideal, and changes would have to be done on the OCR and client front. I will share this with the team.


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    JohnG Guest


    Many thanks, Britney.

    I have found a "work-a-round" - this is to save the pdf as a power-point presentation - this enables copy-pasting down the columns. It is not totally perfect, as sometimes the columns are misinterpreted (e.g. where there are headings) but it is good enough for now. Saving the pdf in excel has a similar effect, but not so good

    For future Revu releases, I think it would be great to have greater control over the direction of the copying - not only because of columns, tables, financial data, etc. but also because some countries read text differently - Japanese, for example, read down the page
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    Gordon Guest


    Hi John G,

    Have you tried selecting your text with Windows + Alt buttons held down as you drag and select? I think this might work for you. A coworker mentioned this to me as something Windows lets you do to select within a specified region and may work in multiple applications. It might take a try or two to get it just right.


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    liepper Guest


    How about, take a snapshot of the OCR'd column, paste onto a new page, copy then paste data ?

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    JohnG Guest



    Many thanks for the Windows + Alt button suggestion - that works perfectly on the original pdf (although not within the Revu version). I am very pleased, saves me a lot of work

    I also tried the snapshot suggestion, but am not sure if I was doing it correctly - is a snapshot done by pressing control & print-screen? That did not work for me, as it just copied the text as an image, not as OCR text