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Thread: Revu 12.0 and Revu iPad 2.4 Released!

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    Default Revu 12.0 and Revu iPad 2.4 Released!

    Revu 12.0 Now Available
    We are excited to announce that Revu 12 is now available. With features like Batch Link, Capture, and significant updates to existing features it's now easier than ever to get your documents field-ready so you and your project partners can work smarter from anywhere, anytime.

    Bluebeam Revu 12

    Revu and Vu iPad 2.4 Now Available
    We are happy to also have released Revu iPad 2.4 at the same time as Revu 12. This update includes Capture for photo management, the ability to Reply to Markups from the Markups list, measurement enhancements, iOS 7 compatibility and more.

    Visit the app store for more details.
    - Revu iPad 2.4
    - Vu iPad 2.4

    Thank you!
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