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Thread: Bluebeam eXtreme '14 - Session Video

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    nwill21 Guest

    Question Bluebeam eXtreme '14 - Session Video

    I'm not sure if this is the proper section, but.....

    I've been dying to see the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference session videos from both the sessions that I attended, and the others that were on different tracts! Any update on these? Or did I miss them and they're already out?!?!

    PS - The eXtreme conference was AMAZING and I will try to be there every year!!!!

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    Bzavada Guest


    Hi nwill21,

    Happy to hear that you enjoyed our conference and are eager to get your hands on the videos. Soon we will be sending our eXtreme Conference attendees an email with links to YouTube where all the videos will be made available (including all the tracks).

    We cannot wait to see your next year .

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    nwill21 Guest


    Just got the email this morning (within the hour)!!! Thanks! Very excited about this.

    Is this material something that we are allowed to share within our company? I would like to forward the link I received, and password, to a few other people within my company if that is allowed. Please let me know, as I'm anxious to share this valuable information with my coworkers, and continue to promote Bluebeam within the company. Thanks!

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    Bzavada Guest


    We ask that you please not share these videos and password with others. This is a large part of the value that is in our conference and why we made them password protected.

    So in short the videos themselves are for those who attended, but of course feel free to incorporate the information from the videos into mediums that you use to push Bluebeam in your company (training material, one sheets, workflow diagrams etc.). Thank you for checking in!

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    dmaimonis Guest


    We have not received our link to the conference session videos, either. Please advise, as to how I can get my hands on them.