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    Default Additional Line Styles

    The standard linetypes that come with Bluebeam do not scale horizontally when you increase the thickness and thus have limitations based on the drawing scale (the spacing doesn't change, but the line gets thicker). Bluebeam can be customized to with additional linetypes that widen the dashes and spaces horizontally instead as you increase the Line Width. You can find out how this works and how to add line styles via Bluebeam's HELP, but I have saved you some of the trouble and created three ".blx" files that contain some files that may be useful. You can install all or one; they are independent of each other.

    A. The attached files are:
    NotScaled-Large.blx: This augments the selection available in the STANDARD category of linetypes that come with BlueBeam (STANDARD linetypes are NOT editable). This is a series of dashed linetypes that have greater dash/space distances. They behave like the STANDARD ones, but are for when you need wider dash linetypes.
    Scaled.blx: These linetypes scale horizontally (or widen) as you increase the Line Width parameter (they also increase in Line Width, as usual).
    AdvancedX.blx: This gives you both Non-Scalable (original) and Scalable (new) versions of each (e.g., Fence and FenceX, respectively).
    B. To get these to show up as line Style options in Bluebeam, follow these steps:
    First copy the attached files to your C:\Users\<USERNAME> \AppData\Roaming\Bluebeam Software\Revu\12 (or 11 if you have Bluebeam version 11). [Based on Windows 8, different operating systems will have different paths]
    Open Bluebeam, click on Line Tool, click on Style in the Appearance section.
    Scroll to bottom of the linetypes to Manage....
    Click on Import
    Select Add
    Select Type: Existing and click on the browse button (...)
    Select the "Not Scaled-Large.blx" you copied onto your computer in the first step above.
    Repeat for Scaled.blx and Advanced.blx
    So you don't have duplicates, delete (or move) the Advanced.blx that comes with Bluebeam.
    C. Exit and enjoy.
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    These are great! Thank you for posting with clear steps and sharing with the community.