As I am new to the program here, I have searched the Forum for someone who may have a Tool Chest already developed for the Architecturtal Millwork community.
As a millwork estimator, making the switch from On SCreen Takeoff, I can see huge benefits by using Revu but I see some immediate differences that will my transition not as smooth as I would have hoped for. Maybe this is just my inexperience after only a few days as I have been watching a ton of video information that is out there and I see it being a very good program for my world in the architectural community.

I am curious as to its use in the millwork estimating community as I have not found one video, out of the hundred or so available online, where someone is using it in my trade. Every other trade but I think!
As an aside, I have recently reviewed a Plan Swift demo and the transition to PS from OST would be easy due to the basic similarities in the tools, usage and layout.

As an example, the first thing a millwork estimator does after importing the drawings is to assign floors, room numbers, areas etc. as the millwork takeoff is usually tabulated by those areas for a variety of reasons when it comes time to costing.
It has taken me approx three days of videos to see this in use using Revu. Now I understand the concept of 'Spaces', which doesn't appear to be widely used by others using the program. Most trades appear to be zeroing in on overall qty, be it carpet, flooring, structural steel etc., where as the millwork community is focusing its estimating and costing efforts in a much smaller area of work scope.

My thirty day trial will be up in approx 27 days or so and I am confident at this point that we will be purchasing the program for all its plus's. I hope to continue learning everyday so that we can make a smooth transition out of the gate. We are using an older system running WinXP so I am limited to Revu 11.7. Once we get our new system up and convert to the latest version of Revu, maybe some of my questions will be answered and the transition will be smoother.

Thanks for a nicely thought out program for a change,

T. Gerald Marino
Portsmouth, VA