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Thread: Microsoft Word - Create PDF Field Code Update

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    A2S_Steve Guest

    Default Microsoft Word - Create PDF Field Code Update

    Previous versions of Revu updated field codes in Word documents prior to printing using the "Create PDF" command. Everything works as expected when we print to the Bluebeam printer, however, we prefer to use "Create PDF" as it defaults to the source folder for the PDF document.

    I've seen others post similar observations, but haven't heard if this is working as intended, or if we can expect this issue to be addressed in future releases.


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    Greg Guest


    Hi A2S_Steve,

    Please contact the Support team at and include the Word file you're having problems with and let them know what version of Revu you are using. They'll be able to help you better when they can see the document and work through the issue with you.

    Thank you,

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    A2S_Steve Guest


    This issue has persisted through the last 2 updates. Can someone please confirm if this is working as intended?