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Thread: Revu Mac Suggestions

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    ericgl Guest


    Great to see Bluebeam Revu on mac. As a previous Windows Bluebeam user I am used to certain functions which I think are necessary to make it a default PDF app. Namely;

    1. Crop function
    2. Rotate Function
    3. Scroll function in page view - currently scroll constantly defaults to zoom in each view rather than scroll - even in scrolling Page mode! very very annoying. - not consistent.
    4.Thumbnails in large Pdf files are black, blank or pixelated - no use for finding pages.
    5. Edit text - cut copy paste

    Otherwise enjoying it - but above very necessary basic tools.

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    BB Sarah Guest


    Thanks for the list, ericgl! As we continue to develop tools for Revu Mac, it's very helpful to hear which ones would be most needed for your work on Mac. If you right-click on a thumbnail, you can rotate the pages--could you please give that a try?

    As for the default scrolling behavior, you can go to Revu > Preferences > Document and change between scrolling and zooming for single page or continuous views. Here's some more info about configuring your navigation in Revu:

    Could you please send some example files where you're seeing the thumbnail issue to, so that we can look into this further?


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    ericgl Guest


    Hi Sarah

    Many thanks for speedy reply.

    Thanks for note on rotate - handy to know - but just used to having buttons on Windows version and most other mac applications.

    I am sorry but the scrolling behaviour is just not clear or intuitive. The Preferences do not mention "scrolling" or "zooming" so I still cannot see how this works. I have tried each configuration, read the article (which is for Windows - not mac). All I think we need is the ability to choose one as our default, depending on what we want, as the article for Windows suggests) - or just make it the same as the Windows version.

    I will send you a PDF showing the thumbnail issue. (Screenshot attached)


    Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 12.00.23 pm.jpg

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    Puckeater38 Guest


    Just can't emphasize enough bringing those missing tools to the MAC version. This has created a real disconnect for my people. We now find ourselves working in two platforms, as we cannot fully work in the MAC version

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    Moose002003 Guest


    Really would like to see these soon!

    1. Calibrate tool sets to dynamically resize on PDFs with different scales/viewports
    2. Add formulas to custom columns for calculations
    3. Ability to change keyboard shortcuts (3 keys to start a command is not really a "shortcut")

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    Moose002003 Guest


    I would suggest that you offer at least everything that is available in the FREE version of Vu. Things such as the ability to measure angles. How is this not available in Mac version?! Starting to feel a bit ripped off here!


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    ck335 Guest


    I haven't taken the time to read back through the other suggestions but wanted to offer mine. I have really enjoyed using the Bluebeam Revu for Mac program. It works really well for me, and has been nice timesaver over working with Adobe Acrobat. Very happy to have it. Since its the initial release, I'm sure improvements are in the works for future releases. So here is my feedback after using a lot, roughly since it was released:

    1. Would be terrific to have the zoom window function available on the right click screen menu. Right above PASTE. This would make it similar to AutoCAD for those of use who are accustomed to regular AutoCAD use.

    2. Would also be nice to have zoom previous available as well. This allows easier/quicker zooming in and out of a specific area on a page. Right now, you have to zoom window into a particular spot, then use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom back out, or use one of the other zoom functions that do not take you back to where you started. Having zoom previous also available on a right click screen menu near PASTE would also be extremely helpful for maneuvering around large drawings.

    3. The bookmarks don't seem to work well. Its the only thing I've encountered in the program that doesn't seem quite complete. I can bookmark a page, and name the bookmark, which is a typical procedure and extremely useful. But, the bookmarks can't be put in any kind of order...they stay in the order they are created. They need to go into alphanumeric order either automatically or by choice. Also, I've created them and had them mysteriously disappear, which wasn't much fun. I work in large files with hundreds of pages and the bookmarks are the way to get around them quickly. Setting up 20 bookmarks out of any kind of order, and that suddenly disappear can be frustrating.

    Thats it for now. Great program, and looking forward to future updates. It doesn't really need much to be a solid performer for what I do (document review). And any features outside what I've mentioned will just make it better. Thanks!

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