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Thread: Revu iPad Suggestions (please post as sticky)

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    Default Revu iPad Suggestions (please post as sticky)

    Please post your iPad suggestions here and hope Bluebeam reads this forum!

    1. Two-finger swipe to advance page without having to turn off markup function. At present, it appears the only way to advance the page while the highlight function is selected is to use the arrow bar at the top of the page. Some oher pdf readers allow you to use a two finger swipe to advance the page without turning off the markup function, and that would be a great addition to Revu iPad.

    2. Fix the underline function which doesn't work. I have passed this along to customer support and they have acknowledged the glitch, but it has not yet been fixed.

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    Hi mitnarf123, thanks for sharing your suggestions for Revu iPad. We're always interested to hear about how you're using Revu today and what updates would be most important for your work in the future (and why!)

    Right now, a two finger swipe will pan around your page, but we can see how a different gesture to scroll to the next page could be helpful when you want to keep a markup selected. And thank you for reporting the bug you encountered to our support team

    You can also send your ideas for feature enhancements directly to our Product Management team at, or through Revu by going to Help > Contact > Make a Suggestion. Our team reads and tracks every suggestion we receive, following up by email where necessary, and then your suggestions are tagged and logged in our database to help us understand your needs and workflows and inform our product roadmap prioritization.