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Thread: Export Options + MacOS Sierra?

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    Question Export Options + MacOS Sierra?

    I am in the only Mac user in a company of PC's and as a former Apple employee, I am ok with that. I am having an issue with being able to export from Revu to Word. All of my colleagues can do this and use this function often but when I try, the only option is to export as a .bax extension. Is there a fix to this?

    Also, will Revu be supporting MacOS Sierra? What is the timeline for those of us who want to update?


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    Revu Mac doesn't currently doesn't include the ability to export PDFs to other formats, but I'll let our Mac team know that exporting to Word would be an important tool for you work on Mac.

    We are planning to add support for macOS Sierra in an upcoming release - I don't have an exact date to share, but you'll get a notification to update within Revu Mac once it's ready to download. Stay tuned!