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Thread: Custom Profiles on iPad

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    Default Custom Profiles on iPad

    I've created a custom Bluebeam profile on my PC, and I need my iPad markups to match (specifically the custom columns). I saved the profile to my Studio Project and opened it on my iPad, but it did not change the columns. How do I download the custom profile to my iPad?

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    Hi farleye, Profiles aren't supported in Revu iPad today, but if your PDF already has custom columns created in the desktop version of Revu, those columns will be available in that PDF on your iPad. We have heard a few suggestions for a way to apply custom columns from iPad, and I'll share your request with our team. How regularly do you find yourself needing to add custom columns from your iPad?

    Just as some background to how custom columns work in the desktop version, custom column templates can be applied to a document or saved to your Profile. Columns saved to the document will override your Profile settings (to ensure that any important information about that file isn't lost between users with different customized interfaces). So, if it's saved to your Profile, those columns would be applied to any files that don't already have a custom column template. You can add columns to your files either way, and then they'll be accessible for your work on iPad.