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    stm@or.abs Guest

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    I have created a profile called "MyProfile" in a document called "1.pdf".
    Later, I opened a new document called "2.pdf", I loaded the "MyProfile" and I added and removed certain columns from "MyProfile", than I saved it.
    The revised "MyProfile" shows up on all my new documents with the new columns configuration, however, if I go back to document 1.pdf, than the "MyProfile" shows up with the old, non revised configuration.
    How can I apply the revised "MyProfile" to the very first document?

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    Greg Guest


    Hi stm@or.abs,

    The custom column information saved in the profile is only applied to PDFs that don’t already include custom column information. Your first document, 1.pdf, has custom column information stored, so the profile won’t overwrite columns stored in the document.

    Thank you,