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Thread: Get Count of Selected Items

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    Default Get Count of Selected Items

    I was wondering if there is a method for getting the number of selected items using Revu 2016. Like if I select all the markup items in a particular area of a drawing and then look at a place on the screen which will tell me how many items are currently selected, similar to how AutoCAD does.

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    Hi Bill, there isn't a quick way to get a count of selected items today, although you're not alone in looking for an option like in AutoCAD or other programs. This is a few extra clicks, but a workaround today could be to select those markups, add a common property in the Properties tab (color, author, or custom column value, perhaps), and then filter the Markups list by that common value to display a total of those items.

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    Hey bill,

    This is how you do it. Create a new custom column as a formula. I name mine "My Count". In the formula do Measurement/Measurement and click the add to totals. This will make every a "1" appear in that column and the give you a total count at the top.

    For text markups you will need to do a column that is a number type. then highlight all your markups you want counted and go to the right of your screen and and change that column to a 1. then the total should be a count for you.

    hope this helps
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