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Thread: Placing Stamp with Live Text from Tool Chest Resulting in Text disappearing

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    jcurebanas Guest

    Default Placing Stamp with Live Text from Tool Chest Resulting in Text disappearing

    Has anyone experienced the following behavior?

    I create Professional Registration Seals for the engineers at my organization. The seal artwork originates from AutoCAD, where its plotted to PDF using the BB Plug-in. Then, I crop this PDF page down so its only the size of the seal, and place it in my Stamps folder. Then I create a new, blank drawing and place the Stamp and group it with a BB Text box (for the date). I add this grouped object to a new Tool Chest, export, and email it the engineer. They double click install it. Then the engineer places this grouped item and adds a scanned image of their signature to the group. For the sake of this discussion, lets just call the combined seal artwork, signature, & date the "seal." The last thing they do is add the seal to their MyTools chest for re-use.

    Whats been happening is the oddest thing. A seal can be working fine for a few days, and then suddenly begins to exhibit this behavior where upon being placed in a PDF, the the "live" text components of the PE seal disappear! This live text is part of the artwork, which was the content coming from AutoCAD but there is other "text" with the artwork which is never affect. I've attached images showing what text is affected and which is not. Has anyone else been having issues with their live text?


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    Greg Guest


    Hi Jcurebanas,

    My first guess would be that the image of the signature is covering the text, but it doesn’t seem plausible that the engineer’s name and number would be the only thing that’s covered.

    Please contact the Support team so they can look into this in more detail.
    - Open Revu and click Help > Bluebeam Administrator.
    - Click the Logging tab and click the Email Logs to Support button.
    - This will open a new email message that includes the Revu log files and information about the version of Revu that you’re using.
    - Attaching the original PDF, stamp and tool set to make this easier for them to find the origin of the problem.

    This isn’t related to the problem, but you can change the steps you’re using to create the stamp, which could be a little quicker. The area used for the stamp can be cropped when you edit the stamp. This will eliminate cropping the PDF using Page Setup
    Import the PDF created from AutoCAD into the stamps folder. Then edit the stamp (click Stamps, then the edit button to the right of stamp name). Change the cropping for the stamp by moving the square blue handles at the edge of the page. You may need to zoom out a little bit to see them. This will let you quickly define and adjust the area you want included when the stamp is placed into a PDF.

    Thank you,