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Thread: My Own Studio Comments Locked

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    jbarnes Guest

    Default My Own Studio Comments Locked

    First, I am aware that studio markups by another user are supposed to be locked to prevent editing. My question is whether there a setting that causes a users own markups to lock to themselves after a certain period of time? For some reason, all users are unable to edit their own comments after some amount of time (we haven't pinpointed exactly how long, but it is around 24 hours). The lock/unlock option is disabled.

    The issue is that some markups may be in the way of new markups and we are unable to rearrange to make everything fit. Saving the document, making the changes, and re-uploading is very time consuming.

    I've looked through the session settings and don't see anything that would cause this, but maybe I'm missing something. Any ideas?

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    Brenick Guest

    Default Re: My Own Studio Comments Locked

    When you are exiting the program or the session, how do you close it down. Are you clicking on LEAVE, or FINISH, or just closing out of the file or program?
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    I feel like I have been able to edit the markups longer than 24 hours, like from week to week.

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    Brenick Guest


    I don't know if Bluebeam has a setting that could do this, but I have also needed to change items that are from other people. People have been out of town, and their original input was in the wrong space, or had the wrong responsibility tagged to it, or the markup was on the line of the space, and it didn't register in the space at all.

    -I think there should be a setting for an administrator role, that could make certain changes even if it was by another person...

    -Change a picture, add an additional picture
    -Move, resize, change color
    -change responsibility, add due date

    I understand the need for having certain things not change, for liability purposes and keeping track, but what if it was all tracked and and could be seen in the Session Record. So that little things could be fixed by an administrator, but there would be a record of it(if needed).

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    Greg Guest


    Hi Jbarnes,

    You mentioned that you sometimes download files from the Session and then re-upload it. The markups in the PDF when it’s uploaded cannot be edited. That means all markups that were previously created in the Session can no longer be edited.

    You can compare the date the markup was created and the date the PDF was uploaded. If the file “Added” date is more current, then someone is re-uploading the PDFs.

    To compare the dates:
    - Open the Studio tab and open the Session.
    - Open the Markups list and display the Date column.
    - In the list, find the markup you can’t edit and check the date.
    - In the Studio tab, right-click on the PDF in the Documents section and click Properties.
    - Look for the “Added” date in the Session Document Properties dialog box.

    If the file’s “Added” date is newer than the markup date, then the markup was in the PDF when it was uploaded and the markup can’t be edited.

    If that’s not the case, please contact the Support team so this can be looked into further.

    Thank you,