Hello bluebeam experts.

I was wondering if anybody could help me regarding continuing markups, like when you continue a count.


If I markup 400 m2 of asphalt and make that orange, say I find another 200 m2 of asphalt and want to continue my markup without having to reenter the settings for this markup as orange, but wish to continue the markup in my chosen style for asphalt.

Currently I feel like I use a lot of time setting the same preference for a subject over and over, is there an easy way to just continue my markup with a specified color settings relating to said subject. Eg: Asphalt = Orange, Grass = Green

My next question is relating to hotkeys

I can't seem to find where custom keybinds are located.

If possible, could I bind my mouse to say ''Mouse Button 3 = end markup'' instead of doubleclick mouse/enter.