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Thread: Studio Markups Missing...

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    Wroebuck34 Guest

    Default Studio Markups Missing...

    I have an issue with a current Studio session. 3 of us are working on a file hosted by another company. We can all open the file after a little bit of lag. We can see that the 3 of us have been in the file but the markups do not appear or show in the markup list. We are not using layers soooo what could it be? A specific permission set by the Admin?

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    Greg Guest


    Hi Wroebuck34,

    An issue was resolved with Studio on Friday morning that affected performance and the display of some markups. That was resolved about noon PST. Please contact the Support team if you’re still having any problems.

    Please always contact the Support team directly instead of posting on the forums, because that’s the fastest way to contact us and resolve the problem.

    Thank you,