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Thread: Crash on opening of printer properties

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    DuncanMac Guest

    Default Crash on opening of printer properties

    Hi all,

    My entire organisation has found that on File -> Print -> Printer Properties, Bluebeam Revu 16 crashes. This only occurs when we select our colour printer (of course), which is a Xerox C2255. Has anyone experienced something similar?

    Log event:

    ******************** START EVENT ********************

    Open Log File = 01-18-2017 10:48:12
    Product = Bluebeam Revu x64 v2016.5
    Build =
    User Agent = Bluebeam-Revu/16.0

    OS = Windows 10 Pro 6.3.14393 - AMD64 App=64-bit
    .NET = 4.0.30319.42000
    Device Version =
    Additional .NET = 3.0.30729.4926 - 3.5.30729.4926
    DPI = 96
    D : 10:48:16 : Feature Document.Print

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    Greg Guest


    Hi DuncanMac,

    We have found that there are a number of printer drivers that do not correctly support 64-bit programs in Windows 10 and the driver crashes when the Properties or Preferences button is clicked in the Print dialog of a 64-bit program. You can quickly confirm if what you are seeing is caused by the driver by printing to that printer from Notepad or Internet Explorer, which are both 64-bit in Windows 10.

    Open Notepad:
    - Type a few characters.
    - Press Ctrl+P to print.
    - Select the printer in the list.
    - Click the Preferences button.
    - An error message "Not has stopped working” will display. Click the “Close program” button and Notepad will close.

    Internet Explorer is a similar process.
    - Open Internet Explorer.
    - Open a simple page like
    - Press Ctrl+P to print.
    - Select the printer in the list.
    - Click the Preferences button.
    - The error, "Internet Explorer has stopped working”. Click the “Close program” button and IE will close.

    Some printers may have newer drivers available that will resolve the problem. Check their site to see if updated drivers are available and install them.

    If a newer driver doesn't solve the problem, Bluebeam includes both a 64-bit and 32-bit version of Revu.exe when installed on 64-bit Windows. The driver issue is limited to 64-bit programs, so Revu 32-bit can be used to print PDF files.

    To print from Revu (32-bit)
    - Click Start and type Revu.
    - Click Bluebeam Revu (32-bit).
    - Open the PDF and press Ctrl+P to print.

    Thank you,