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Thread: Why do sheet tabs progress green then blue?

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    Default Why do sheet tabs progress green then blue?

    When you have multiple documents open and navigate between them (especially on complex documents like CAD files) the tab at the top you just selected first "progresses" from left to right with the color green and then it progresses with the color blue and then goes to the default interface color. (Using Revu Standard 2016 Windows). Does this colored progression mean anything? I can see a progression possibly meaning the drawing is loading - but why two different colors? Are two different things happening?

    Also, when you save the document, the progress color is red.

    Just curious!


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    Hi stjones, good question! The green progress bar denotes the loading of an opened file, and the blue progress bar displays when that file is rendering (for example, when you pan around to a new area of your PDF).