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Thread: Adding page labels in a set

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    Default Adding page labels in a set

    I'm very adept at adding page labels to a multi-page pdf, but now need to add page labels to a Bluebeam Set comprised of individual files/sheets. The file name of each sheet inlcudes project name, sheet number and sheet name, which appear as the filename of each sheet; however, the page label only appears as 1, 2, 3, etc. How can I automate the addition of page labels (Sheet, A101) to each page of the Set?

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    there are two ways to do this depending on what is easiest and what version you have. On the far left of your click the "thumbnail" option. Under it should be a pic of a tiny thumbnail with a start under it. Click that then you can Fill in your own label, you can tell it to mach the bookmark label, or you can auto fill based off an area of your choosing. Depending on what version you have you can select one Region or multiple. there are training videos that will better explain this i believe.

    Good luck