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Thread: Mouse wheel not panning.

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    ddderry Guest

    Default Mouse wheel not panning.

    I just upgraded my mouse and have lost the ability to pan by pushing the mouse wheel down. Logitech M705 mouse. I now have to push the pan button to get it to pan at all. Is this a bluebeam setting or a mouse setting? I have looked and cannot identify any changes that would make sense on either device.

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    Greg Guest


    Hi ddderry,

    It's probably a mouse setting in the Logitech SetPoint software, which allows you to customize all of the buttons on each device (mouse and keyboard). It also allows you to setup each device individually.

    To open SetPoint:
    Click Start > All apps > Logitech > Mouse and Keyboard Settings.

    Select Middle Button in the Select Button list and make sure Middle Button is selected in the Select Task options. Logitech's default is usually one of their own, like AutoScroll or Universal Scroll.

    If you continue to have problems, please contact the Support team at and they will be able to look into this with you in more detail.

    Thank you,