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Thread: Bluebeam Forum Closing

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    BB Sarah Guest

    Default Bluebeam Forum Closing

    Greetings, forum community!

    On February 15, 2017, we'll be retiring the Bluebeam Community Forum to make room for better ways to serve the Bluebeam community in the future. At that point, the current forum will still be available for you to search, but not to create or reply to posts. Beyond that, please check the additional resources listed below to help you find what you're looking for. And of course, feel free to contact us directly—we'd love to hear from you!

    Need Help?

    Suggestions: Share your feature requests and enhancement ideas with our Product Management team by emailing


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    Thanks for making the community forum a great place for sharing questions, tools, workflows and best practices with other Revu users. We're excited to improve the Bluebeam Community experience and provide new ways to connect you with other Bluebeam users and to the information you need.

    Stay tuned for future updates, and thank you all for your support and participation over the past seven years.

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    sotoCAD Guest


    This is unfortunate.

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    ScottA Guest


    None of the options listed above seem to be very good replacements. I think I'm on a user group email list but just having one global help board seems very useful. I've been a user since about 2007 but still need help sometimes.

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    Liamnacuac Guest


    I would have to agree as well. sometimes you have an a question that requires a simple immediate answer that shouldn't require helpdesk, just user info. We all work for a living and things get quiet from time to time. There used to be an ad campaign for the bored Maytag Repairman...It's just that every now and then you NEED that quick fast answer. Let's hope Bluebeam Helpdesk can handle that as well. They have been there for me so far.