Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a tool chest for quickly drafting up free body diagrams in Bluebeam, with the tool chest including pins, point loads, moments, etc. I've created a hatch for the distributed load that, in the right conditions, looks how a distributed load should look (polygon representing the magnitude, and evenly spaced arrows pointing towards the free body). The problem is that the shape as a whole acts similar to a viewport that shows the hatch behind it (if that makes any sense). The hatch remains stationary in the background while, when moved or resized, its containing shape just shows different views of the hatch, rather than the hatch moving around with the shape. What I need is for the heads of the arrows to "stick" to the lower edge of the distributed load's shape. Currently, depending on the distributed load's location on the page, the arrows can be anywhere within the shape.

Does anyone know of a way that I can address this issue? Is there an option for the hatching that I'm not seeing? Or is there another program that will do a better job of it?

Any input is appreciated!