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    Sharing the love is easy with's one of my favorites.

    We have literally millions of manual drawings that were scanned and converted to PDF's to put in our document management system. Of course every now and then (more often than we like) you run across a drawing that was put through the scanner a little sideways so everything is at an angle. NOT A PROBLEM.....go to Document/Page Setup and select the "Get Line" option. Then, on your document select the beginning point of one line and then select the end point of that same line and then select the OK button and the entire document will rotate to align with that new, and now straight line. Gotta love it!


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    Thanks Mark!

    BTW, here's a link to a thread from someone else which then led to a cool tip about how to add an icon directly to one of your toolbars for this feature. Be aware, this is a version 8 feature only though.

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    Just what I've been looking for! Thanks for sharing!